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Veekram Bhunjun

Veekram Bhunjun, is an entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist. Since he completed his tertiary education at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London, Veekram has greatly contributed to business development in Mauritius. CEO of the Bhunjun Group, Veekram Bhunjun is holder of a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from the Imperial College. He is a member of the Institution of Engineers of Mauritius and is an active businessman in Mauritius.

Veekram Bhunjun started his career as Site Engineer with the company in 1990. He is the founder and the driving force behind the setting up of Betonix Ltd and Fine Crush Ltd, subsidiary companies of the Bhunjun Group. With nearly twenty years in the contruction and property development fields, Veekram Bhunjun has extensive experience in the building and civil engineering industry. As the CEO of the Group, Veekram Bhunjun oversees all projects undertaken by the Bhunjun Group and has been integrally involved in its growth over its successful history.

Veekram Bhunjun is also involved in the philanthropic activities of the Group and practises yoga regularly as part of a good work life balance.

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