Arise Project – helping local children aspire to great things.

The Arise project was initiated by Veekram Bhunjun in December 2016 to help children in the local area of Point aux Sables. At the end of last year VeekramĀ attended a session with the children looked after by Arise and spent time addressing and discussing with the young students. Although schooling and school transportation is free in Mauritius Veekram Bhunjun has recognised that some children needed other basic support in order to attend and thrive at school. Veekram Bhunjun has donated school materials to every children attending the ceremony.

“My wish is not only to help the local children materially but to inspire them to aspire for great things in life. Every child has the potential to aim and achieve both professionally and socially” – Veekram Bhunjun



Veekram Bhunjun Arise
Arise Children

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